Patch Notes v0.5

We have made some changes and improvements to the current demo build.

New additions:

  • Cinematic Bars on Cutscenes to better define them
  • Selection Arrow Added to Galacteon Swap UI when playing with gamepads -> An arrow was added to better show the player which Galacteon they are selecting
  • New doors with indicators for the amount of triggers needed for them to open
  • New door design for normal doors
  • New Assist Mode Option: Elemental Indicator that shows the enemy's element above them as an icon. If the enemy is not vulnerable to damage the indicator will be greyed out.
  • Damage Numbers - Damage Numbers added to the game with icons for the different types of damage
  • These can be turned off in the Settings Book inside the game
  • New effect when sleeping on nests to give more impact and better feedback that player was healed and can leave the nest
  • Added a "Death Camera" to bosses. When they are defeated off-screen you will still be able to see their defeat animation
  • When an enemy is summoned in a wave challenge its attack and collision will be deactivated for some time. This way players won't be punsihed by being in the summoning spot once the enemy shows up. 


  • Water movement improved -> Up and down movement decelerates when the button is released
  • Normal movement changes -> No more drag on normal movement removing some odd behaviors and making it snappier
  • Bestiary -> bestiary will no longer be based on location
  • Some changes to descriptions and explanations to better show the buttons needed to perform an action 
  • Some changes to level design
  • Added special respawn points in rooms filled with water for Gedda to go back to. Solving some situations where it could break the game
  • Saulomandro no longer sells cupcake refills as he was too close so a save point

Bug fixes:

  • Sound Bug Fix - Before, changing the sound sliders would make the game start silent the next time and the sfx slider was being overritten by the music slider's value
  • Wave Challenges -> Some changes to avoid getting stuck on an enemy wave. Let's see if it works for everyone now 
  • Day/Night Cycle - Fixed bugs that would cause the Day/Night Cycle to stop advancing
  • Pebble/Icicle - Fixed a bug that caused this enemy to spawn in the wrong transformation during dawn
  • Assist Mode Options were not being saved
  • Assist Mode Buttons were not displaying correctly depending on control scheme
  • Piccky would sometimes do her skills looking the wrong way
  • Fixed a collision bug on the Boaris arena that lead to an exploit
  • If a boss is defeated and its doors are not opened by one of the dragon's fanfare event then it will open once the game loads the boss and realizes it was defeated
  • Fixed a bug that lead to infinite slow motion when opening the Galacteon Swap Selector when using gamepads

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Jul 09, 2022

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