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This is the Kickstarter demo for Gedda Cake

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A New Kickstarter campaign is being created! We will try again in the near future. Make sure to follow our pre-launch page.

This demo is localized in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and French Canadian

Gedda Cake is a 2D action-platformer about Dragons and Cakes. Play as 6 characters with unique skills and play-styles, swap between them on the fly, battle dangerous foes and explore the vast sugar-coated lands of Sugria. Help them reclaim their invaded world and get The Cake!

Vast Sugar-Coated Lands to Dig In

The world of Sugria is full of different places for you to discover. May it be a cave full of syrup, a chocolate covered jungle or an entire ocean made of flan, there will always be something interesting and new to find. There are plenty of secrets, shortcuts and hidden passages that can lead you to previously explored areas. This interconnected world favors those who like to explore and will reward them greatly.

Swap Characters to your Delight

Swap between the 6 dragon siblings on the fly whenever you please, no menus, no pause. Each dragon has its own skills, combos and play style that can be combined to move around and defeat enemies. More than one dragon will be required to overcome some of them and bosses will test your knowledge of every single one of the siblings. Swap quickly and swap correctly!

Elemental Combat Full of Flavor

Each being in this universe is connected to one of the 6 elements, fire, water, earth, ice, light and dark. Knowing their relationships will be crucial for your adventure and combat is directly tied to them. Dealing a blow to a weaker element leads to great results but the other way around may prove useless. Choose the right dragon for each situation and overcome any difficulty.

Anytime is Snack Time with a Day 

and Night System

Sugria is a living world and during your adventures time will pass, transforming your surroundings. Different times of the day will bring new enemies and change the behavior of others. Previously blocked areas may open and new characters can show up. Be mindful of the time as it waits for no one.

A Mouth-Watering Story

A story-rich experience filled with humor and over-the-top personalities, that will bring light into the question: why is lunch being delayed that much?

How to Play

You can play Gedda Cake using a gamepad or keyboard. Check the controls on the starting screen by choosing the "Settings" option or by opening the menu with "Esc"/"Start" and navigating to the Settings Book when the game is running.

This is the first playable demo for Gedda Cake. Be mindful that this is a work in progress and content may differ from the final product.

 Let us know what you think and if you find any bugs. 


Adriano Gonçalves - Programming, Level Design and Game Design
Leonardo Sant'Anna - Art, Animations and Game Design
Vitor Amado - Music Composing and Sound Design

Anabel Morales - Latin American Spanish Localization
Magali Rousseau - Canadian French Localization


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Hey there,


We are an indie publisher mainly focused on PC games, and our main platform is the Microsoft Store. This game caught our attention.

I understand that it is about to be released on Steam and that you are publishing it yourself. We can help you publish it on Steam, and if the results are good, we can also help you publish it on the Microsoft Store, Play Store, and App Store.

If this is something that you'd be interested in, please send an email to mark.lauz@gametroopers.net.

Made a video

Really beautiful game, I'm already following it on Twitter and every artwork is gorgeous. The gameplay is great, you can feel the weight of the character and the combos make it fun to kill the enemies. I'm waiting for the release on Steam.


I promoted the game on my site.

wow!! Thanks for that!! That is awesome :D

You’re welcome.


First of all, thank you so much for putting out a demo; sometimes, you just have to feel the game to know if it's right for you.  And it feels great!  The mechanics are absolutely solid, and the melee combat is very satisfying.  The music is nice and chill, and the graphics are adorable.  Very colorful and detailed, too; these are the kinds of graphics the indie scene needs more of.  Really looking forward to the full game!

We are so glad that you liked it!! Thank you for all the compliments, it really motivates us to keep doing our best <3 


I think I need more cake. And more dragons cause they are so cute. :) 


This is a really fun demo, looking forward to more!
One weird glitch I found was that, near the end of the demo while I was on my way to retry the boss, Gedda walked right without stopping. He walked past the boss room without triggering the boss and into the end of the demo. Pressing escape stopped him, but if I pressed left or right again, he'd continue moving in that direction.
In case anyone else experiences this problem, returning to the title screen fixed the issue.

Nice game, here is some odd things i noticed however:

Left and right are swapped on the map for some reason.

If you do one attack two times in a row, you can't attack for about a second

When I hit the water, I can't enter the water for about a second

In area upper left of the nest before the rock I managed to clip into the water without the game thinking I was in the water. Not quite sure how, but it might have something to do with swapping character. Annoying because i couldn't get out without dieing.

Some enemies went invincible for some reason. no clue why, but they could still hit me with attacks however I couldn't hit them or take contact damage. This seems only somewhat fix after reload, I can hit them but some enemies still have no contact damage.

Is the rock meant to be the end of the demo? because nothing marks it as then except that I can't do anything

The abacus doesn't seem to be listed anywhere after collection, is that meant to be the case?

Hey there! Thank you for your input.

We are going to add an option for the map movement to be inverted, to help with that.

We will try to replicate the attack error.

For the water to go inside instantly, we will try to work on a polish for that. It works better on a Gamepad and it's a tad more smooth.

That bug of the water will be looked more into! Thank you for the information. 

The invincible enemies, were you trying to attack with a specific dragon? There is an elemental combat system and some of the dragons can't damage certain enemies in combat. Could that be related to your question? Some enemies will receive zero damage from a character that has a weaker element to it.

The rock is not the end. You have to burn the string in order to open the next area. We need to teach this a bit better to players in the game.

And for the abacus, it is not listed anywhere yet, but it will be added to the inventory Menu. For now it's only functioning to increase your maximum currency, but we haven't implemented the inventory to show it yet. It will be done soon.

(3 edits)

For Invincible enemies, it was a earth element and I was attacking with fire, but it wasn't even doing the thing were the enemy takes no damage as at least then it registers that it got it. Also the string was not burning for some reason, and I tried every attack with every dragon, it might be related to the enemies not taking damage. 

Opening the game twice erased my save somehow, strange. Something to do with having two game windows open at once? Also I returned to title screen while massing z and now the game is soft locked, it makes menu sounds when pressing up or down, but nothing happens with any other button.

Because my save got erased, I'm going to replay the game and see if i can get past the rock now. 


Sugar cubes spawned on you make no noise, but are still collected. Made me think I wasn't getting them for a bit though.

Ghosts spawning due it turning night instantly have hitboxes and so if you are where they spawn they instantly hit you upon it hitting night, however they will do the animation if you walk a bit away and then back.

There is no indication of changing time unless you open menu while in nest. Might want to hint at that somewhere.

The enemy strangeness continues, turns out for some reason in the previous save the enemies where not swapping between day and night forms correctly, instead they were all night in night form. Only now noticing, so the ghosts were always spawning, the fish were sleeping, and ice cubes all the time.

Now trumpet fish won't die despite all enemies being dead. I'm trapped in the room. Closing and re-opening the game did not fix this

The pause when attacking might have something to do with how close the enemy is, but that is just a guess.

Thank you for your reply! We are taking a look into the issue where enemies are not registering damage. This is a complicated bug since we can't reproduce it. Definitely hard to do.

We never opened 2 games at once, so that might have created a huge conflict with save files, since (for now) there's only 1 save slot created by the game. I believe that it could have created a conflict between the 2 and the save file was considered inexistent because one of the games did not have one.

For the edit portion:

We will check a way to make the noise appear when spawning on top of the player. Thanks for the input.

The ghost spawning is a problem, so thanks for finding that out. We will check a way to make sure it doesn't happen.

About the indication for changing time, this was an oversight on us. Thank you for noticing. We are actually building a mini-tutorial-ish similar to the other indications we have in-game. It will be an update very very soon!

We believe the enemy issue then is happening with the transition between time, since some situations in-game pause the flow of time for a bit (like cutscenes and boss fights). Maybe if one of these events happen during transition, we think it's breaking the system, so we need to look into it.

The trumpet fish bug seems to be related to the pause, so we are working on a fix for it. Sorry about this situation.

(1 edit)

Some other random thing, Gedda's air attack can sometime hit with the stun and not the damage, but only if you just barely hit them

One backup later in case you want the save data, I will try to beat the game again.

Almost made it past trumpet fish, but then died and now trumpet fish won't continue, so the bug may have something to do with dying?

Made a video of me playing though just to see if that helps you find the issue.

Edit: After getting past that somehow, I have a few notes on the boss. 

The rock on string can be burned again if you die to boss, in which case it falls through the floor. You can also get hit by it.

Pinecone boss hurts you when falling, which is a bit annoying as you would want to stand under the boss to hit them, but it is not that bad. Same with getting hit when the boss gets back up, annoying but easy to deal with after the first time.

The boss's pacing could be better, the first phase goes on for too long compared to the enrage. I personally think having enrage happen somewhat sooner would help with that. Another way would be to split the boss into three phases, without changing anything else.

Secondly is the enrage itself. The boss yells at you and turn red which indicated a phase change, but the yell itself is an attack bringing the rocks down, which as you are paying attention to the boss as it enrages and the screen effects hides the rocks, you don't notice and unless you are already at the edges you can't get away from the laser attack by the time you notice that it is an attack and not just part of the phase transition.

(1 edit)

Thank you for all the information and sorry it took so long to reply! We've been deep into some fixes and improvements for this demo.

Hopefully some of the fixes will give a fail safe for this Trumpet Fish challenge so it will not soft lock again.

I am glad you were able to get past it and try all of the content. Thank you for the videos, they help us a lot with verifying some possible improvements as well as catching some reasons behind bugs.

We appreciate the inputs on the boss fight. The jet attack now takes a little more time to start to give more time to get to the rock. 
About the phases, she actually have 3 phases. On the second phase she goes higher than on the first and you have to jump on more plataforms to get her. She is separated in low height, medium height, enrage and then really high. 

The game style , combat style and art style are amazing

Thanks for the gameplay video! It was great to watch it! :D

Thank you i really appcreaite it :)