Changelog v0.3

Version 0.3
- Fixed bug where health was not displayed properly after cutscene and special events.
- Fixed bug where menu was not properly reset when deleting a save and not closing the game.
- Doors with multiple triggers are now saved separately instead of only when the door is opened.
- Gedda’s Ground Combo has an improved hitbox.
- Piccky’s Underwater Water Ball doesn’t colide with the floor anymore.
- Sound waves properly disappear after skipping cutscenes.
- Changed SFX for receiving a double damage hit.
- Changed SFX for enemies blocking an attack.
- Fixed bug where the Forest of Origins Theme would stop playing.
- Fixed Ambience SFX on underwater rooms with Assist Mode: Same Room Respawn.
- Game should work properly on more resolutions, without showing parts off-screen. Black bars will be displayed.
- Changed Gamepad buttons for Playstation to display properly (R1, R2, L1, L2 added).
- Boaris doesn’t push the player into the ground anymore when falling onto Gedda.
- Baggy’s rock doesn’t push the player into the ground anymore when falling on top of them.
- Fixed several rooms ground properties that caused Gedda to not move forward enough when attacking.
- Small improvements in a few rooms.
- Other bug fixes.

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Dec 21, 2021

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